Prince O3 Tour 100 310g

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Introducing the O3 version of the Prince Tour 100 (310) - a great option for the intermediate or advanced player who wants a modern player's racket that doesn't skimp on comfort. Compared to the standard (solid beam) version of the Tour 100 (310), this racket has a slightly thinner beam along with an extra cross string. However, what truly separates it is the O3 Technology, which enables the strings to soak up more vibration at impact, resulting in a uniquely muted and comfortable response.

In addition to giving you a more forgiving feel on off-center impact, the O3 Tour 100 (310) offers decent stability along with controllable power on full cuts. Like other member of the Tour series, the graphite layup benefits from Textreme X, which adds Twaron to the original Textreme formula in order to further enhance dampening and optimize the response. On groundstrokes, the O3 Tour 100 (310) is stable enough for trading heavy balls with big hitters. In addition to being more muted and comfortable than many of its competitors, this stick gives aggressive players plenty of power on full swings.

Thanks to its 16x19 string pattern and whippy acceleration, this racket also gives you the needed spin to bring the ball down effectively. At net, the O3 Tour 100 (310), comes around with decent speed to deliver a solid and comfortable feel at impact. There's also enough spin and precision to swing for power on serves. Ultimately, this racket is a great option for the player who wants a modern player's racket with above average comfort. 

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