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Babolat Pure Strike Lite


Introducing the Pure Strike Team, a solid option for the player who wants the precision, spin and feel of a great performance racket minus the burden of weight. As the lightest and fastest member of the Pure Strike family, this stick should make it easier for you to swing bigger...


Wilson Clash 100 Tour


With the Clash 100 Tour, Wilson has created a uniquely flexible modern player's racket with easy spin, controllable power and great feel. At 310 grams (unstrung), the Clash 100 Tour is weighted for intermediate and advanced players. Thanks to a 32,5cm balance and a swingweight in the low 320s, this...


Wilson Clash 100


Introducing the Clash 100, a uniquely flexible racket with explosive speed, easy spin and great feel. At 295 grams (unstrung) and boasting a low 312-RDC swingweight, this stick is ideal for the intermediate player who wants ultra easy acceleration. What makes the Clash special is what lies under the hood....


Wilson Pro Staff 97L Bold Edition


Introducing a special cosmetic edition of the Pro Staff 97L.  Boasting a Bold black and white cosmetic, this is racket is weighted for the intermediate player. It should also work for the dedicated beginner who wants a racket that will reward continued improvement. Featuring the same specs as the standard cosmetic version...


Wilson Blade 98S Bold Edition


Got Spin? We do! It's called the Blade 98S BOLD! With this racket, Wilson delivers an impressive spin machine to intermediate and advanced players. Although it has similar specs to the Blade 98S (18x16) Countervail, this version does not have Countervail, giving it crisper feel with more direct ball feedback. Thanks...


Wilson Burn 100 LS Bold Edition


Wilson launches a BOLD cosmetic version of the  Burn 100 LS! This racket has the same specs and playability as the standard Burn 100LS, but it comes in a fantastic black and white cosmetic. It is ideal for the player who wants easy access to spin and controllable power. At 298 grams...


Head Graphene Touch Extreme S


With the Head Graphene Touch Extreme S, Head gives beginner and intermediate players an impressive blend of power, precision and spin. At under 300 grams, this racket swings faster than the Extreme MP, making it easier for less advanced players to generate power and spin. This racket is made with...


Head Graphene 360 Extreme Lite


Head updates lightest member of the Extreme family with some extra stability and easier access to power. Called the Graphene 360 Extreme Lite, this racket features wider string spacing and a higher swingweight than the previous generation. As a result, it not only offers above average stability and plow-through for...


Head Graphene 360 Extreme S


Head updates the Extreme S with some extra stability, power and spin. At 265 grams, this racket accelerates with remarkable speed. As such, it is perfect for novice players who wants to start hitting with more pace and spin. This racket should also work for the intermediate player who places...


Head Graphene 360 Extreme PRO


After skipping a generation, the Extreme Pro is back and so is the dangerous combination of power and spin. As the heaviest member of the Extreme family, this stick is hefty enough for redirecting heavy pace or driving the ball through the court. It should also work for the intermediate...


Wilson Ultra 26


Powerful yet versatile, the Ultra Junior 26 is a great option for young players working on taking their game to the next level. The 16x19 string pattern will allow juniors to hit out and access ample spin while the 100 square inch frame offers a large sweet spot for comfortable...


Wilson Ultra 25


At 63.5 cm long, the Ultra 25 will be a great option for young players looking to add power to their game. Juniors 9 years and up will also find this racket to offer a good amount of spin with its 16x19 pattern. The 254 square cm head size has a large...


Wilson Ultra Tour 95 CV


Endorsed by Kei Nishikori, the Ultra Tour 95 CV is a serious weapon in the hands of an aggressive baseliner. With its 339-RDC swingweight, this racket has a dangerous combination of plow-through and power. It also comes with a slightly extended length, giving you extra momentum for ratcheting up the pace and...


Head Graphene 360 Instinct Lite


Head adds some stability and power to the Instinct Lite! Like the previous generation, this racket packs a forgiving 107 square inch headsize along with a seedy 10.1 ounce strung weight. It also has a slightly extended length (27.2"), which will give you extra momentum on groundstrokes and serves. As...


Head Graphene 360 Instinct S


Head updates Instinct S with some extra stability and power but keeps the maneuverability that made this such a perfect racquet for beginners, strong juniors and intermediate players. Like the Instinct MP, this racket comes with a thick 23-26-23mm beam and open 16x19 string pattern, giving it the same seductive blend...


Head Graphene 360 Instinct MP Lite


Introducing the Instinct MP Lite, the fastest and most user-friendly member of the Instinct family. This racket brings the spin, power and precision of the standard Instinct MP to dedicated beginners and rising juniors. It should also work for the intermediate player who wants a comfortable and spin-friendly racket that...

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