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Head Graphene Touch Extreme S


With the Head Graphene Touch Extreme S, Head gives beginner and intermediate players an impressive blend of power, precision and spin. At under 300 grams, this racket swings faster than the Extreme MP, making it easier for less advanced players to generate power and spin. This racket is made with...


Head Graphene 360 Extreme Lite


Head updates lightest member of the Extreme family with some extra stability and easier access to power. Called the Graphene 360 Extreme Lite, this racket features wider string spacing and a higher swingweight than the previous generation. As a result, it not only offers above average stability and plow-through for...


Head Graphene 360 Extreme S


Head updates the Extreme S with some extra stability, power and spin. At 265 grams, this racket accelerates with remarkable speed. As such, it is perfect for novice players who wants to start hitting with more pace and spin. This racket should also work for the intermediate player who places...


Head Graphene 360 Extreme PRO


After skipping a generation, the Extreme Pro is back and so is the dangerous combination of power and spin. As the heaviest member of the Extreme family, this stick is hefty enough for redirecting heavy pace or driving the ball through the court. It should also work for the intermediate...


Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP


Introducing the Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP! This racket replaces the Graphene Touch version with some extra power and spin. Although it is weighted for intermediate players, the Extreme MP packs a near 330-RDC swingweight, giving it enough stability for advanced ball strikers. For this generation, Head drops the dampening compound...

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